7 Free Movie Streaming Sites Like Niter

Niter is one of the best free movie sites to find any kind of movie available. It is well organized and loads fast. Trailers and full videos are available with every movie. All the films shared on Niter stream on third party sites, nothing belongs to NIter.

The profound search button will match your request to movies by genre, year, popularity and more. The films found on Niter all stream in 4k and 1080p giving you the best viewing experience possible.

Everything can be streamed on your computer and all your other mobile devices. The movies are all free, the selection is awesome, and the quality is perfect. For more excellent sites like Niter with a lot of movie choices, browse this great list.

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1. More Movies Like

More Movies Like is one of the top sites to find movie alternatives to the ones you already love. Your life is made easier with its shortlists and links. You won’t have to make tedious searches, all is found in one place on this addition to sites like Niter.

If you’re searching for movies like Pineapple Express or Now You See Me you’ll find great movie suggestions with More Movies Like. This up and coming site is growing each day. If a movie you like isn’t on the list, simply send in your suggestion using the contact form. If you’re looking for tv shows check out their partner site called Similar Shows.

Visit More Movies Like

2. Solar Movie

Solar Movie must be added to Niter alternatives. This site is a massive movie search engine, comparable to Google. All you have to do is type in a name of a movie or actors name and Solar Movie will give you a large list of results.

All the movies are free to watch and streamed on a third party site. Television shows can also be found on Solar Movies. With the ton of results you get in your search, the only decision now is what to watch.

Visit SolarMovie

3. MegaMovies

MegaMovies is another one of the best movies sites available. This site also has a huge collection of free to stream films in 2k and 4k. MegaMovies prides itself on streaming only top quality movies, nothing grainy and unfocused will be found here.

There are over 20 genres to pick from and there is also a tv show category on this awesome site. It’s quick search engine makes finding the perfect flick easy and simple. Once you’ve found your chosen film all you have to do is click on it to start, there’s no need to download anything.

Visit MegaMovies

4. Vumoo

If you loved the other sites like Niter you’ll love Vumoo. Vumoo has a similar to Netflix vibe. It is well structured and each movie has a beautiful picture and short explanation. You can stream directly from the site which cuts down on time and lets you watch your chosen show or movie faster.

There are even the most recent movies except they stream in cam. If you enjoy staying up to date on the most recent flicks they’re all available on Vumoo. This is a great site to watch new and old movies of all genres.

Visit Vumoo

5. New Movies Online

New Movies Online is exactly what its name says it is. If you’re looking for recent films between 2014-2017 you’ll find them here. The collection is a little smaller than most of the other sites like Niter but you’re sure to find the most up to date movies.

If you’re looking for Smurfs: The Lost Village or Ghost in the Shell, it can be found on New Movies Online. This site gives you links to anther third party site like the other Niter recommendations. For a large selection of recent movies choose New Movies Online.

Visit New Movies Online

6. Tinkle Pad

Tinkle Pad has a strange name but that doesn’t mean it should be set aside. This site is another site similar to Niter. Tinkle Pad lets you stream movies and tv shows and also lets you submit your own.

If you have a flick addition for this site, all you have to do is go to add a movie and fill out the form with the necessary links. The only requirement is that the movie must not already be available on Tinkle Pad.

Visit TinklePad

7. Movie4K

The most up to date box office hits can be found on Movie 4K and most of them stream in high-quality HD. To watch a film on Movie 4K, pick the one you want to see and just press play. This sort of simplicity should be available for all our lives choices.

This addition to free movie sites like Niter is one of the fastest streaming sites available. Everything you like to watch can be found on this site. Comedies, action movies, dramas and more are waiting for you to stream right now. What are you waiting for?

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